Information about the project:

Realization of the project results from the urgent need for the increasing of the knowledge of the town residents in the field of the nature conservation, including NATURA 2000 areas and biodiversity of the natural environment of the town.

The project contributes to the realization of the aims of the program in terms of restraining of biodiversity loss through increasing of the environmental awareness of the target group.

The project aims:

  • increase of the social awareness of the biodiversity and education in this area, including climate change and the economic value of the ecosystems,
  • social education in terms of functioning Natura 2000 nature conservation network taking into account Sanok’s fauna and flora.

Project’s target groups

  • children and young people (kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools),
  • teachers hired in the municipal educational institutions
  • local government
  • town residents
  • tourists visiting the town

As a result of a conducted analysis, it turned out that the majority of the Sanok residents including the age groups of between 5 and 65 does not have sufficient knowledge about the nature conservation including NATURA 2000 network seeing it through the problems limiting the possibilities of the town’s development. The natural consequence of this situation is the low level of knowledge about natural values of the town in particular its biodiversity present in flora and fauna.

The way of solving aforementioned problems is intense, active educational campaign aimed to increasing of the knowledge and ecological awareness in terms of functioning NATURA 2000 network and the town’s biodiversity values.

Project tasks/objcetives:

  • educational campaign aimed at increasing of the knowledge and ecological awareness in terms of functioning NATURA 2000 network and the town’s biodiversity values
  • promotional campaign- participation and the possibility of learning about biodiversity of flora and fauna and the protection areas of NATURA 2000 and the town’s biodiversity values during the open air event
  • 4 contests of the knowledge about the Sanok’s biodiversity
  • purchasing for educational institutions of the equipment necessary to monitoring and observation of the Natura 2000 areas such as: binoculars, magnifiers, microscopes, soil examination kits
  • workshops for the teachers and local authorities on running effective ecological education focused on biodiversity in connection with climate change

Apart from aforementioned objectives, the project expects equipping of the field infrastructure namely setting the educational path and placing on it wooden bridges, observation deck for bird watching and green classroon i.e. the place for outdoor educational classes.