In the Sanok commune the forests cover the area of 60 897,53 ha. They are located in Srodkowobeskidzkie Fotthills District, Bieszczady District and in VIII Carpathian Region. Thee stand is dominated by fir and beech, the other are oak, hornbeam, birch-tree, larch and pine. You can also see: sycamore, aspen, small-leaved linden and wild cherries.

Among the shrubs are: hazel, fir and very rare and protected yew which grows in sanctuaries. In the beech-oak-hornbeam groundcover grows characteristic for it plants, like: May lily, lily of the valley, herb Paris, hazelwort, Solomon’s seal, Pulmonaria mollis Wolff and oxlip.

Around the city grows rare and protected plant which is European bladdernut. On the mountain trails of the commune grows characteristic plant, namely stemless carline thistle, which in its flowering period (August-September) has flower clusters of 7-15 cm in diameter.