one of the tastiest, most wanted and most valuable edible mushrooms. It grows from June to November and is often mistaken with bitter bolete.

Bay bolete

rather solid and valued on a par with porcini which it happens to be mistaken with. It grows from June to October in the forests and in the mixed coniferous woods.

Boletus chrysenteron

edible, medium-size mushroom which is fast and intensively attacked by the insects and mold. It is often mistaken with sepia bolete. Grows mainly in the foot of the oak from June to September.

Suede bolete

edible mushroom however due to its softness unsuitable to be dried. It is often mistaken with red cracking bolete. It grows from July to October in different types of forests.

Sticky bun

very willingly picked mushroom due to its high nutritional and flavor value, very often used in pickling. It is often mistaken with the weeping bolete. It grows especially in the pine forests from May to September.

Weeping bolete

edible, very tasty and eagerly picked mushroom. The older specimens may be stodgy and cause diarrhoea. It grows mainly in pine forests from May to September.

Greville’s Bolete

edible, very tasty mushroom, however unpopular due to difficulties in cleaning. It grows, from June to October, only at the foot of larches, with which it forms mycorrhiza.

Red-capped scaber stalk

valuable and eagerly picked edible mushroom. It is often mistaken with orange birch bolete. It is found in mixed coniferous forests near aspen or poplar from July to September.

Scaber stalk

edible, very tasty and eagerly picked mushroom. The tastiest are the young fructifications and pileus. Common mushroom, growing in the mixed coniferous forests in the foot of birch, with which it creates mycorrhiza. It bears fruit from July to Spetember.

Fly agaric

commonly known, poisonous mushroom. The poisoning symptoms occur quite fast (after 0,5-2 hr). It contains toxic substances striking nervous system. Fly agaric is found in coniferous and deciduous forests near birches or spruces, it grows from June to September.

European destroying Angel

deadly poisonous mushroom, flavor attempt cannot be carried on it. It is often mistaken with champignon mushroom; the poisoning symptoms occur after 8-12 hr after ingestion and they harmfully affect the liver and the kidneys. It is found in moist and acidic soils from July to September.

Death cap

deadly poisonous mushroom, often mistaken with russulas or yellow knight. It causes kidney and liver damages, the poisoning symptoms occur after 8-12 hr. It is found in the neighbourhood of oaks and beeches from July to November.

Velvet-roll rim

poisonous mushroom of slightly bitter and pinching taste. It grows in the coniferous and mixed coniferous forests on the trunks and roots of the trees, especially spruces and pines. It bears fruit from August to October.