Many of protected and uncommon in Poland species of the amphibians, invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals live on the area of the Sanok Town and Sanok Commune.

Within the city and outside its boundaries there are many water bodies which are a place to breed for amphibians in the springtime. On the area of Liszna forestry in the small water bodies you can meet species such as: Carpathian newt, northern crested newt and yellow-bellied toad.

In the nearby of mountain streams live fire salamander and in the neighbourhood of the woods and marshes you can see tree frog. Moreover in the area of commune you can meet green toad and common toad. Among the retiles inhabiting here, are: sand lizard, viviparous lizard, smooth snake, grass snake and common viper.

When it comes to birds there are many species of them, as: swamp chicken, Eurasian coot, corn crake, common crane, Eurasian woodcock, northern lapwing, mute swan, Eurasian teal, mallard, common goldeneye, black stork, white stork, grey heron, white-tailed eagle, golden eagle, short-toed snake eagle, western marsh harrier, hen harrier, lesser spotted eagle, greater spotted eagle, Eurasian pygmy owl, Ural owl, brown owl, long-eared owl, European nightjar, cuckoo, common kingfisher, green woodpecker, great-spotted woodpecker, middle spotted woodpecker, white-backed woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, lesser spotted woodpecker, spotted nutcracker, great tit, Eurasian blue tit, coal tit, crested tit, Eurasian treecreeper, song thrush, blackbird, robin, white wagtail and many other species. There are also few species of bats, such as: brown long-eared bat, common noctule, whiskered bat lesser horseshoe bat, and northern bat.

The area is also a shelter for predatos, these include: a stoat, least weasel, forest polecat, European pine marten, beech marten, badger, otter and brown bear. When it comes to predators we should also mention: wolf, lynx, wildcat and large amount of foxes.

In the forest it very often happens to meet rodents, e.g.: red squirrel, harvest mouse, yellow-necked mouse, wood mouse, hazel dormouse, forest dormouse. On the wetlands and by the San inhabits Eurasian beaver while on the forest trail you can meet wild boar, deer or roe-deer.